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Adopt a Road

Volusia County Adopt A Road LogoTake just a minute and look around!
How does your community look?
Chances are, it needs help with litter control!

With the amount of trash littered on the roadside every day, individual involvement is becoming increasingly important. Find out how you, your business or your organization can help keep Volusia beautiful by volunteering to adopt a road!

Program guidelines and conditions

Useful information for group leaders

Adopt-a-Road brochure

Adopt-a-Road Application (Revised April 1, 2021)

The Volusia County Adopt a Road Program is a litter reduction campaign designed to remove litter and debris from Volusia County roads and improve the quality of the environment. Besides presenting a poor appearance, litter and trash can cause traffic hazards and affect drainage. With the amount of trash littered on the roadside every day, volunteer involvement is becoming increasingly important. This program establishes a partnership between volunteers, businesses and/or organizations and Volusia County Public Works by working together in the efforts of litter control along roadways.

The Adopt a Road Program is a way for residents, civic organizations, neighborhood groups and churches  to provide a community service, demonstrate community pride, make a positive statement for a clean, attractive community and help the county keep down the costs of litter abatement. This program has proven highly effective in demonstrating personal responsibility and changing attitudes regarding littering.

Who can adopt?

Group of people cleaning up the roadsideAny local community organization, school group, or business group as well as individuals 18 years of age or older, may adopt a road.

Guidelines for adoption include an agreement to clean at least one mile or the entire length of the adopted road’s right of way four times per year, for at least two years. Groups are welcome, and encouraged, to extend the agreement beyond the two year minimum. Participants are supplied garbage bags, safety vests and a road sign identifying the adopting group and recognizing the group’s community contribution. Participants may select a county maintained road of their choice or choose from a specific "needy road" list. When the cleanups are completed, the group places all trash collected at the base of their road sign and notifies the Solid Waste Division, which dispatches a truck to pick up and dispose of the litter.

The Volusia County Adopt a Road Program owes its popularity and success to its many dedicated volunteers. By working together we build a sense of community pride, which in turn leads to cleaner and safer places to live. When we build a sense of community, we are building a better tomorrow.

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