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Pile driving 50 percent complete on Veterans Memorial Bridge

Posted On: June 15, 2017

It’s been one year since construction of the new Tom Staed Veterans Memorial Bridge in Daytona Beach began, and what a difference a year can make. After breaking ground last June, work quickly began to demolish the existing drawbridge at Orange Avenue/Silver Beach, which took about eight months to complete. Once the removal of the drawbridge was complete, construction began of the bridge’s foundation, which involves the driving of 250 concrete pilings (some measuring 30 inches square and 100 feet long) into the riverbed. According to Volusia County Engineer Jerry Brinton, this phase is about 50 percent complete, with 125 of the 250 piles driven. 

As the pile driving continues, people in the area can expect to hear the continued sounds of the hammer driving the pile into the ground. People in the area also will notice some vibration. Pile driving is expected to continue for another six months. While the pile driving has been ongoing, work has begun to place the concrete footers and columns, which come up out of the water and are what the bridge deck will be placed on. There are 16 concrete footers that vary in dimension for the new bridge. The pouring of the concrete for the footers will take approximately 12 months to complete, with two of the 16 footers/columns already constructed.

The bridge project began in early June and is expected to last for 32 months before reopening.

As work continues on the new bridge, fundraising for the proposed adjacent Veterans Memorial Plaza continues. Donations to the fund will be used to construct the proposed $1.2 million plaza, which will be built on the northwest side of the bridge. Donations will be held in escrow by the county for five years, at which time the county will construct as much of the proposed plaza as donations permit.  To make a donation to help fund the creation of the Veterans Memorial Plaza, contact Volusia County Accounting at 386-736-5933 or send a check made payable to Volusia County, 123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand, FL 32720 and note on the check Veterans Memorial Donation. 

For more information about the Veterans Memorial Bridge and the proposed Veterans Memorial Plaza, and to view bridge construction photos, visit veteransmemorialbridge.com.