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Construction Updates/Photos

Veterans Memorial Bridge Update – October 2019

The Veterans Memorial Bridge project in Daytona Beach continues to make steady progress. This project includes over 3,000,000 Pounds of steel and 13,000 Cubic Yards of concrete. The construction of the foundations of the new bridge are complete, which included the driving of 250 concrete pilings (some measuring in excess of 100-feet long) into the riverbed. Additionally, the concrete footings, columns and caps are all now complete. There are 16 Piers/Abutments, including 10 piers out in the water. All of the signature Arch Segments have been constructed, with post-tensioning and grouting completed. The placement of beams continues; approximately 70% of the beams are now in place (the bridge has 15 spans). Concrete Deck placements began in August 2019. The deck concrete has now been placed for seven of the spans. The construction of the East and West Roadway (bridge approaches), including segmental block walls and barrier walls, continues to make progress. Bridge Handrail and Roadway Lighting construction has also begun.

For more information about the project, please see the revised Capital Projects Schedule.


Dismantling of bridge airs on July 17, 2016 Volusia Magazine



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