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There are currently no emergency events. The information on this page is for training purposes only

News and emergency information
News releases from Volusia and Flagler counties and area cities and organizations

Volusia County sees significant amount of rainfall
(May 21)

Volusia County lifts burn ban; Rain causing flooding issues
(May 20)

Florida's Coast to Coast Chapter of the AmericRan ed Cross has opened a shelter for those impacted by flooding at the Westside Baptist Church, 1085 Mason Ave., Daytona Beach. For those in need of sheltering elsewhere in Volusia or Flagler County, please contact the American Red Cross at (386) 226-1400. Residents seeking shelter are reminded to bring any special dietary needs, food, bedding, medication, toiletry items and games/toys.

Buses serving Votran's fixed routes Thursday, May 21, may be detoured due to flooded roadways. Votran riders are encouraged to call Votran for route information before making a trip. Votran's fixed route service phone numbers (listed below) are in service. A rain-related problem with the phone lines was repaired late Wednesday.

Votran routes detoured due to flooded roads
(May 21)

Votran telephone numbers:
(386) 761-7701 (Daytona Beach)
(386) 424-6800 (Southeast Volusia)
(386) 943-7033 (West Volusia)

Volusia County Health Department

Flood waters pose health risks
(May 21)

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Rain Update
(May 21)


  • No reports of significant flooding to homes, businesses or roads.


  • S. Amelia Avenue, from Beresford Avenue to New Hampshire Avenue is closed due to localized flooding. But officials advise further road closures may occur later Wednesday.


  • No reports of significant flooding to homes, businesses or roads.
  • One home reported with significant damage.


West Park Ave in the 100 and 200 blocks and Cheetah Ave at Canal are areas of flooding concern.

No reports of flooding to homes or businesses.

Holly Hill

Holly Hill Citizen Information Center: 386-248-9410
Open as of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday

Follow along with the Holly Hill Police Department for up-to-date
traffic and law enforcement information at

  • The following roads are closed due to flooding:
    • Holly Street, between 6th Street and 8th Street
    • 8th Street, between Del Maso Drive and Nova Road

New Smyrna Beach

  • The 1400 block of N. Atlantic Avenue is closed due to flooding in the road.
  • Areas between Flagler Avenue and 2nd Avenue are experiencing local yard flooding and minor road flooding. Public Works crews have been using portable pumps to draw down water in these areas.

Orange City

  • There is a report of Aspen/Volusia Avenue. a feeder street, being blocked. (This is not a major road.)
  • Flooding on North Industrial in front of the post office has been cleared.
  • No reports of flooding to homes or businesses.

Port Orange

Sand bags are no longer available at 500 Oak Street. The following 5 fire stations have sandbags available:

  • Station 71
    4200 Ridgewood Ave.
  • Station 72 
    6027 Central Park Blvd.
  • Station 73
    1090 City Center Blvd.
  • Station 74
    6701 Airport Rd.
  • Station 75
    1701 Town West Blvd.

Ponce Inlet

  • There are reports of standing water on parts of Atlantic and South Peninsula. However, both roads are open.
  • No reports of flooding to homes or businesses.

Volusia County Schools

  • Turie T. Small Elementary, Campbell Middle and Chiles Academy, all in Daytona Beach, will remain closed tomorrow, due to flooded roadways. Because the schools are surrounded by water and there is no access, students and staff will not report to their respective schools tomorrow. No other schools are affected. It is anticipated these schools will reopen on Tuesday.
  • All school activities and events, and extended day programs are also cancelled on Friday at Turie T. Small Elementary and Campbell Middle.
  • The Early Head Start program, which is housed at Chiles Academy, will be closed.
  • A phone message will be sent to notify all affected families and employees of the cancellations.

About the PIN

What is the main objective of the V/F PIN?
The main objective of the V/F PIN initiative is to ensure that public information practitioners from a wide variety of public agencies in the two-county region will collaborate on and coordinate public information by having a focused message to the public to avoid misinformation and miscommunication.

In addition, the PIN’s operating principle is that public information resources are available to support an incident’s lead agency/incident commander irrespective of agency boundaries.

A major task assignment coming out of the Emmitsburg training was to write a public information plan for the V/F PIN. The plan was completed in February 2005 and has been employed during subsequent incidents including hurricanes and wildfires.

How did the V/F PIN get started?
In the first exercise of its kind in the nation, public information officers from Volusia and Flagler counties attended the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Advanced Public Information Officer training in Emmitsburg, Md., in April 2004. These public information practitioners represented a wide range of agencies including city and county governments, law enforcement,
fire services, ambulance, hospitals, and public schools. They trained together and implemented a unified “mock” joint information center (JIC).

An end result of the Emmitsburg experience was the molding of a public information network that comes together during emergency incidents to provide mutual aid public information support to one another within the counties of Volusia and Flagler. It is formally known as the Volusia/Flagler Public Information Network (V/F PIN).

How have V/F PIN members collaborated?
Since its formation, there have been several instances of V/F PIN members coordinating and working together on incidents involving multiple agencies and where there was a widespread public threat.

The PIN managed a “virtual” JIC during the back-to-back 2004 hurricanes – Charley, Frances and Jeanne.

What are the primary tools of the V/F PIN?
In 2005, the PIN launched its own website. During a disaster, this site includes information from all the agencies involved in a response.

In 2007, the group revised the JIC plan to be compliant with the National Incident Management Systems, thereby creating
a Joint Information System (JIS) plan.

How do I get involved?
Today the Volusia/Flagler PIN consists of more than 40 active members who meet regularly to train, share ideas and discuss experiences. With each incident the PIN continues to improve, gain experience and refine its operating plan. For more information, please contact Volusia County Community Information at 386-822-5062 or jmagley@volusia.org.

Activation information
To request public information support from the Volusia/Flagler PIN, the lead agency should page the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office public information office at 386-691-2460 or call Volusia County Community Information at 386-561-7185.

Organizations active in the V/F PIN

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
United Way
Daytona International Speedway
EVAC Ambulance
Florida Hospital Memorial Division
Florida Hospital DeLand
Florida Hospital Fish Memorial
Halifax Health
City of Daytona Beach
City of Daytona Beach Shores
City of DeBary
City of DeLand
City of Deltona
City of Edgewater
City of Holly Hill
City of New Smyrna Beach
City of Oak Hill
City of Orange City

City of Orlando
City of Ormond Beach
City of Palm Coast
City of Port Orange
City of South Daytona
Town of Pierson
Town of Ponce Inlet
Flagler County Government
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office
Volusia County Government
Volusia County Health Department
Volusia County School Board
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
Florida Highway Patrol, Troop D
Florida Dept. of Transportation
Florida Division of Forestry
Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement
State Fire Marshall’s Office
Seventh Judicial Circuit

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United Way
To find out about volunteering in Volusia County or anywhere throughout Florida, please contact the United Way at 2-1-1 or 386-253-0563 or online at www.UnitedWay-vfc.org

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Volusia County Hotline

Flagler County

United Way First Call for Help
211 or 386-253-0563

Volusia County Schools
West Volusia 734-7190, ext. 20000
New Smyrna Beach 427-5223, ext. 20000
Daytona Beach 255-6475, ext. 20000
Deltona/DeBary (386) 860-3322

(386) 734-1711

(386) 878-8100

(386) 424-2400

New Smyrna Beach hotlines
(386) 424-2113
(386) 424-2114

Oak Hill
(386) 345-3522

Ormond Beach Public Works
(386) 676-3220

Police non-emergency
(386) 677-0731

Ponce Inlet
(386) 322-6711

Port Orange
(386) 506-5999

FPL hotline

FEMA Assistance number
(800) 621-3362.

American Red Cross
(386) 226-1400 (daily)
(866) GET-INFO (during crisis)