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County Council Proclamations

A proclamation is an official document issued by the Volusia County Council to commemorate a specific time period (day, week or month) to raise awareness about an issue; celebrate milestones or community events; recognize heroic acts; or honor Volusia County individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions to Volusia County.

Proclamation guidelines

  • Proclamation requests must be submitted by Volusia County residents.
  • Proclamations must be sponsored by an individual County Council member and approved by the Volusia County Council before they are issued.
  • Proclamations are generally not presented during County Council meetings, but they may be considered on rare occasions.
  • Proclamations may be presented off-site and, when possible, a County Council member will be scheduled to make the presentation.
  • As an alternative, the County Council may choose to send a letter instead of a proclamation.
  • When possible, we ask that requests be submitted at least three weeks in advance.

Proclamations typically are not issued for:

  • Weddings, birthdays and family reunions
  • Persons stepping down from advisory boards or committees

Anyone can request a proclamation, but Volusia County reserves the right to deny any prolcmation. Requests that are advertisements, commercial or political in nature, or promote one religion over others will not be approved.

How to request a proclamation

Each proclamation must have a Volusia County Council sponsor. To request a proclamation, please contact the county chair, vice chair, at-large representative or your district representative:

For more information, contact Community Information Specialist Pat Kuehn at or 386-822-5062, ext. 12934.

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