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Community Services

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The Community Services Department provides customer-focused services and information to all Volusia County residents and visitors to assist in sustaining an outstanding quality of life. In addition, the Community Services Department is the county liaison with the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County. 

Community Assistance

The purpose of the division is to improve the quality of life for Volusia County residents. Staff coordinates and develops the various community services of federal, state and local agencies along with county residents for more efficient utilization and delivery of community resources.

Library Services

The Volusia County Public Library system collects, organizes and provides a quality selection of books and other media to all residents of Volusia County.

Parks, Recreation and Culture

Whether you want to take a nature walk, see historic sites and sugar mills, learn more about the environment,  visit museums, or take part in cultural opportunities, Volusia County has it all.

Resource Stewardship

The mission of the division is to promote stewardship of the community’s natural, cultural, and economic resources by responsibly planning, funding, and managing the ECHO grants-in-aid program, UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension Program, and Volusia Forever Program which includes land acquisition and land management.

Veterans Services

The Veterans Services Division provides U.S. Armed Forces veterans and their dependents assistance in obtaining earned benefits. Veterans are counseled on the rules and regulations governing benefits and providing follow-up action as required.


This countywide transportation system provides bus service and transportation for the physically challenged.

Health Services

The Florida Department of Health in Volusia County is a partnership between Volusia County Government and the State of Florida. Its mission is to promote, protect, maintain and improve the health and safety of Volusia County residents and visitors. The county and the state provide funding and facilities to care for our citizens.

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