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Preliminary flood hazard data (preliminary data) is available for selected areas of Volusia County.  It provides the public an early look at their home or community‘s projected risk to flood hazards. Preliminary data may include: new or revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, and FIRM Databases. Click to review the areas within Volusia County that are affected.

For individual property inquiries within the unincorporated county, email

The Building and Zoning Division is composed of six major activities: Code Enforcement, Permit Center, Building Code Administration, Contractor Licensing, Business Process and Technology, and Impact Fee Assessment.

The Code Enforcement activity investigates complaints of potential county ordinance violations and performs code-related inspections.
Questions about code compliance?
Email or call 386-736-5925.

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The Permit Center activity processes all building permit applications from intake to issuance; reviews applications for zoning setbacks and allowed uses based on the parcel’s zoning classification; and scans all documents and plans for records retention.
Questions about permitting?
Email or call (386) 736-5929
Questions about zoning?
Email or call (386) 943-7059

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The Building Code Administration activity reviews building plans for compliance to county, state, and federal codes, and inspects construction for consistency with the approved plans.
Questions about plan review?
Email or call (386) 626-6591

The Contractor Licensing activity administers a county-wide database, issues competency cards and listings, and investigates complaints of unlicensed activity.
Questions about contractor licensing? 
Email or call (386) 736-5957 
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The Business Process and Technology activity works to optimize business process flows; provides technical support for the department's database, public portal and other software applications; and interprets analytics to ensure managment has reliable data. The County’s online permitting system, Connect Live, is managed by this activity.
Questions about online permitting?
Email or call (386) 736-5943
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The Impact Fee Assessment activity reviews building plans for assessment of impact fees based on the use and location.
Questions about impact fees?
Email or call (386) 736-5924

Mike Nelson

Lori Cushing
Senior Staff Assistant

Kerry Leuzinger
Building Official & Contractor Licensing 

Constance Bentley
Permit Process Manager 

Chris Hutchison
Code Enforcement Manager

Mary Schnebly
Business Process Management & Technology Manager