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While every effort is made to keep this website up-to-date, changes may occur and website updates may not keep up with moment-to-moment conditions (such as road closures and construction projects).

Mission: To ensure and enhance the basic quality of life, general welfare and growth of Volusia County by properly managing the county's infrastructure and related support services.

Vegetative storm debris from Hurricane Dorian
The County of Volusia did not receive an emergency declaration from FEMA for debris removal. Unincorporated residents are to follow standard residential yard waste collection guidelines.

Sales Tax Performance Audit 

Volusia County was audited by Florida’s Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA).  This audit is part of the states new transparency requirements for proposed sales tax increases.

Capital Project Schedule

View the most updated version of the Capital Project Schedule

Field Maintenance and Operations Reviews

2018 Evaluation of Maintenance and Operational Practices
2007 Public Works Operations Improvement

Public Works divisions


Traffic in the LPGA Corridor Aerial Map  [PDF]
Traffic in the LPGA Corridor Aerial with Surrounding Developments Map  [PDF]
Traffic in the LPGA Corridor Level of Service Map  [PDF]
Presented February 25, 2019

SE Volusia County Coastal Projects Update  [PDF]
SE Volusia County Roads, Bridge and Trails Projects Update [PDF]
Presented Aug 15, 2016

Five-Year Road Program for 2016-17 to 2020-21 [PDF]
Presented Aug 4, 2016

Volusia County Showcase Trails System Update [PDF]
(maps are a graphic representation only)

Turnbull Bay Bridge repair presentation [PDF]
(Updated Oct. 4, 2011) - Turnbull Bay Bridge reopened after temporary repairs were completed in a record-breaking 10 days. The contractor earned a cash incentive of $11,000 for finishing early. The work involved replacing 12 of the 96 support beams allowing traffic, including vehicles and school buses, to cross the bridge.

Saxon median public meeting displays [PDF]

Veterans Memorial (Orange Avenue) Bridge project [PDF]
     (high-rise alternative approved by the Volusia County Council)

10th Street Phase 2 alternative alignment [PDF]

Stormwater Management Program

Click here to learn about Volusia County's Stormwater Management Program.

AutoCAD (computer-aided design and drafting)
AutoCAD standards manual  [PDF]
AutoCAD layer template files (zip file)

Online request
Online request for services forms
Request dozens of maintenance services from your home computer.

Special assessment district program
Brochure [PDF]

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