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Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible maintaining and safeguarding all of Volusia County’s financial assets to ensure delivery of efficient, effective services responsive to the needs of the citizens in accordance with applicable laws and generally accepted accounting and financial principles. This includes the preparation, execution and oversight of the operational and capital improvement budgets, management of available cash funds and investments, interpreting financial information, implementing policies and procedures along with administering the property tax system and collections.

Budget and Administrative Services Department

Mission statement: To provide guidance, support, and assistance as staff makes recommendations for the development and allocation of resources to meet citizen, county council, and department priorities in a legal, fair, innovative manner for effective, efficient delivery of services to instill public trust and the well-being of citizens.

Director name: Tammy J. Bong
Phone number: 386-736-5934
Email address:


Business Services Department

Mission statement:  To provide excellent customer service by striving for the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, innovation, and accountability while providing secure, reliable information technology and communications infrastructure; cost-effective repair and maintenance of county facilities and vehicles, and accuracy and timeliness in the collection and distribution of public funds.

Director name: Rhonda Orr, CFC, CGFO
Phone number: 386-736-5938
Email address:


Finance Department

Mission statement:  To oversee all financial and human resources matters pertaining to the county and provide a comprehensive financial and human resource management system that properly accounts for all the financial transactions and human resource activities of the county.

Director name: Ryan Ossowski, CPA
Phone number: 386-943-7054
Email address:


Financial Reports

Each year, the Finance Department produces a number of reports including the county’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), the Popular Annual Financial Report, the Annual Report on County Debt, and other financial information.

The CAFR provides a detailed view into the financial results and position of the County. Published annually, as of the end of the County’s fiscal year on September 30th, this report has been awarded the Government Finance Officer’s Association’s (GFOA) Certificate in Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for over 40 years.

The County’s financial records includes all departments of the county, which are audited annually by an independent certified public accountant and are available to the public online or by calling 386-248-8135. The Finance Department manages the County’s public debt and investments.

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