Finance Department

The departments that report to the Chief Financial Officer are as follows:

Budget and Administrative Services Department

Mission statement: To provide guidance, support, and assistance as staff makes recommendations for the development and allocation of resources to meet citizen, county council, and department priorities in a legal, fair, innovative manner for effective, efficient delivery of services to instill public trust and the well-being of citizens.

Director name: Tammy J. Bong
Phone number: 386-736-5934
Email address:


Business Services Department

Mission statement:  To provide excellent customer service by striving for the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, innovation, and accountability while providing secure, reliable information technology and communications infrastructure; cost-effective repair and maintenance of county facilities and vehicles, and accuracy and timeliness in the collection and distribution of public funds.

Director name: Rhonda Orr, CFC, CGFO
Phone number: 386-736-5938
Email address:


Finance Department

Mission statement:  To oversee all financial and human resources matters pertaining to the county and provide a comprehensive financial and human resource management system that properly accounts for all the financial transactions and human resource activities of the county.

Director name: Donna de Peyster, CPA
Phone number: 386-943-7054
Email address:


Financial Reports

Financial Services

Deputy County Manager, CFO
Donna de Peyster, CPA

West Volusia

Daytona Beach
386-257-6000, ext. 17054

New Smyrna Beach
386-423-3300, ext. 17054