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Home Rule Charter

Code of Ordinances

About the Home Rule Charter

The Volusia County Home Rule Charter is the foundation for Volusia County's Council/Manager form of government. It provides the framework for self government within the guidelines of Florida law.

The Home Rule Charter was approved by Volusia voters in a special countywide referendum on June 30, 1970. The Charter was created by a 21-member citizens committee that spent nine months of intensive study developing the framework for local government in Volusia County.

The passage of the Home Rule Charter set a precedent as Volusia was the first county in Florida to adopt home rule powers, pursuant to the 1968 Florida Constitution. Today, most of Florida's urban counties have followed Volusia's leadership and have approved their own versions of home rule charters.

The Home Rule Charter created a council/manager form of government which took effect Jan. 1, 1971. The County Council is the legislative arm of Volusia County and sets policy for the government.

The County Manager, who serves at the pleasure of the County Council, executes the policies established by the County Council and oversees the daily operations of the government. County employees work under the direction of the County Manager within the structure of the system of merit rules and regulations.

The Home Rule Charter mandates a review at least every 10 years by a Charter Review Commission. Proposed amendments to the Home Rule Charter must be approved in a countywide referendum. The charter was reviewed in 1975, 1985, and 1995 and 2005.

If you have any questions about the Home Rule Charter, please call 386-736-5920 or write to the County Manager's Office at 123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand, FL 32720-4612.

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