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Management and Budget

Mission statement

Management and Budget strives to provide guidance, support and assistance as we make recommendations for the development and allocation of resources to meet citizen, County Council and department priorities in a legal, fair, innovative manner for effective, efficient delivery of services to instill public trust and the well-being of citizens.

Functions of Management and Budget

Management and Budget prepares and administers the county‚Äôs annual budget. It is responsible for setting the budget schedule and procedures, estimating revenues for each fund, reviewing departmental budget requests and is responsible for publishing and monitoring the budget, budget amendments and resolutions, preparing financial analysis, reviewing financial options and providing budget information to the County Council as well as the public. This office is also responsible for the functions of the Capital Improvement Program and the Value Adjustment Board.

Current Budget Information

General Fund Rollback vs Prior Year Revenue Calculation

Volusia County National and State Rankings Summary

Snapshot of Taxing Funds

Budget Documents

Revenue Manual

Budget Resolutions

Five-year Capital Improvement Program

Budget Presentations

View previous Budget Presentations information.

Advertising Authorities Budget

Halifax Area Advertising Authority

Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority

West Volusia Advertising Authority

Miscellaneous Data

View Miscellaneous Data

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