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Advisory Boards

A county advisory board is created by ordinance, resolution or Florida statutes to provide advice and recommendations to the Volusia County Council on diverse matters of public concern. Learn more about county advisory boards.

Capital Project Schedule and Dynamic Master Plan

View Volusia County Government's capital project schedule and dynamic master plan.

County Council

The Volusia County Council makes broad policy decisions much like the board of directors of a major corporation. It also reviews and approves the annual budget and passes ordinances as necessary. For more information about Volusia County Council, council meetings, advisory boards, and to learn about Volusia County's Council representatives.

County Manager

Learn about Volusia County's county manager, his background and accomplishments.

County Ordinances

To learn about Volusia County's Code of Ordinances.

Financial Reports and Schedules

View Volusia County Government financial reports and schedules.

Meetings Calendars

View all upcoming meetings.

Meeting Audio and Video

Live and archived meeting audio and video.

Meeting Closed Captioning 

Live and archived meeting audio closed captioning.

Organizational chart

View Volusia County Government's organizational chart.

Public Records Requests

View information on public records requests.

Roundtable of Volusia County Elected Officials

The Volusia County Council will host monthly meetings of elected officials aimed at continuing and improving communications between Volusia County government and Volusia municipalities. View Round table meeting information.

Special Districts

Independent and dependent special districts.

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