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Risk Management


Risk Management must continue to deliver benefits to employees, expeditiously investigate claims, protect the county's assets, and continue to offer necessary assistance to other centers to protect the health and welfare of our employees.

It is imperative that the above be performed fairly and at a reasonable cost.

The most effective means to reduce losses and expenses is with safety awareness, training and inspections. This is an area of Risk Management that is constantly reinforced and pays dividends in reduced losses and severity.


The County of Volusia is self-insured and self-administered. However, the county does purchase liability insurance to protect against major losses.


Charles Spencer, Risk Manager
Ext. 12884

Ruth O'Steen, Support Services Manager
Ext. 12634

Automobile and General Liability Claims

Accidents involving County wrongdoing or facilities should be reported to Risk Management within 24 hours. Those involved also must complete a County of Volusia Auto/Incident Report.

Risk Management is committed to investigating all incidents in a prompt and courteous manner. If the incident involves county fault, necessary steps are taken to resolve the matter quickly and fairly.

Citizens involved in mishaps with county personnel and/or facilities are encouraged to contact Risk Management directly for immediate resolution of their problem or complaint. 

The general liability claims adjuster are listed below and can be reached at 386-736-5951.

Christine Wiggins, Automobile and General Liability Claims Adjuster 
Ext. 12441

Workers' Compensation

County of Volusia employees injured in the course and scope of their job duties should notify their supervisor immediately and complete a First Report of Injury form.

Any medical treatment recommended by the authorized treating physician is approved by Risk Management. Also, if an employee loses time from work, prompt notification to Risk Management is required.

The Workers' Compensation adjusters attend courses and seminars to keep them current on any changes in the Florida Workers' Compensation Statute.

The county self-insures its workers' compensation claims up to $400,000. In reference to Automobile and General Liability, the County is self-insured and does receive the benefit of Florida Statute 768.28, which basically limits the county's liability to $200,000 per person and $300,000 per incident.

The workers’ compensation adjusters are listed below and can be reached at 386-736-5951.

Phil Collard, Workers' Compensation Claims Manager
Ext. 12887

Heather Sylvester, Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster
Ext. 12632

Christy Smith, Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster
Ext. 12630


The county’s Workplace Safety Program promotes the safety of all county employees while providing reliable and cost effective governmental services to our citizens. Our goal is to eliminate risks to employee safety in the work environment and risks to citizens utilizing our facilities and services.

The safety coordinator is listed below and can be reached at 386-736-5951.

Beth LaHue, Safety Coordinator
Ext. 12426

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