Risk Management


The Risk Management Group must continue to deliver benefits to employees, expeditiously investigate claims, protect the county's assets, and continue to offer necessary assistance to other centers to protect the health and welfare of our employees.

It is imperative that the above be performed fairly and at a reasonable cost.

The most effective means to reduce losses and expenses is with safety awareness, training and inspections. This is an area of the group that is constantly reinforced and pays dividends in reduced losses and severity.



Charles Spencer, Risk Manager
Ext. 12884
Ruth O'Steen, Support Services Manager
Ext. 12634

Automobile and General Liability Claims

Christine Wiggins, Automobile and General Liability Claims Adjuster 
Ext. 12441

Occupational Health Clinic

Barbara Somers, Nurse
Ext. 12425

Workers' Compensation

Joan Bruyntjens, Workers' Compensation Claims Manager
Ext. 12887
Heather Howe, Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster
Ext. 12632
Christy Smith, Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster
Ext. 12630


Beth LaHue, Safety Coordinator
Ext. 12426

Risk Manager
Charles Spencer

230 N. Woodland Blvd.
Suite 250
DeLand, FL 32720