Seasonal Updates at the Preserve

Photo of scrub habitat showing sandy areas and low brush

Florida scrub is designated as an imperiled habitat. Scrub is the only place where the Florida scrub jay can be found. Scrub jays are Florida’s only endemic birds and are listed as a threatened species. Mechanical treatments such as roller chopping and mowing are used to keep the vegetation low and suitable for the scrub jay. Scrub jays need expanses of low shrubs and sandy areas with little to no tree coverage. Generally suitable scrub is low enough so that a 6-foot tall person would be able to see over most of the landscape plants.

Scrub restoration project

Volusia County began a month-long restoration project in Lyonia Preserve on July 12, 2018.

As part of the county’s ongoing efforts to maintain the scrub habitat for scrub jays, land management workers are roller chopping select areas that have become too dense. Roller choppers are used to knock down and chop up brush and trees up to about 3 inches in diameter. The staff is marking gopher tortoise burrows, bypass less dense areas, and leave islands of oak trees.

Work began on the west side of Providence Boulevard, near the Deltona Regional Library, and will then move to the east side after two to three weeks. Trail closures will alternate until crews move into more remote areas. All trails will remain open on weekends throughout the project. 

Pollinators are hard at work

Photo of moth pollinating a yellow flowerThanks to our many helpful pollinators, new foliage and blooms are appearing in the preserve.

Plants that can be seen in Lyonia Preserve

More information on the Florida scrub jay

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