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Bird standing on log in water

Volusia County's diverse ecosystems provide habitat for many species of wildlife. Some of these ecocystems are endemic (found only in Florida) to Florida. Protecting, enhancing, and restoring ecosystems is essencial to maintaining diverse wildlife populations.


Florida is a birding paradise, thanks to its diversity of habitats, its location, the extent of its remaining wild lands, and its geographic span of both temperate and subtropical climates. From pinewoods and maritime hammocks, to swamps, salt marshes and beaches, Volusia County’s public lands support vital breeding, overwintering, resting and refueling sites for more than 500 bird species. Great Florida Birding Trail has 8 locations listed in Volusia County.

Sea and Shore Birds

The county’s beach shoreline and coastal environment provide important habitats for a variety of bird species. Some of these birds, such as brown pelicans and laughing gulls, are year-round residents. Other birds - such as northern gannets, piping plovers and white pelicans - are migratory visitors that depend on these habitats to rest during the winter season.

Protected Species

Volusia County is home to many protected species. Some of these species are endemic (only found in Florida) to Florida. 


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