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Emergency wildlife contacts

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
All strandings, sea turtle (sick or injured sea turtles or marine mammals), wildlife concerns and violations, nest issues (depredation, vandalism, etc.): 888-404-3922

Beach safety
*Beach Patrol Headquarters and Administration, Daytona Beach: 386-239-6414
*Flagler Station, New Smyrna Beach: 386-424-2345

Fish kills (Florida Marine Research Institute)

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
(vegetation and construction impacts)
850-922-7881 X 117
*Volusia County Field Representative (Wesley Cich): 321-474-1627

Florida Environmental Crimes Hotline (illegal dumping)
877-2-SAVE-FL (877-272-8335)

Gopher tortoise
FWC at 888-404-3922
Environmental Management at 386-736-5927, ext. 12734

Health Department
Pool draining onto beach: 386-274-0692 or 386-274-0694

Horseshoe crab survey
If you have observed horseshoe crab breeding activity, call 866-252-9326

Marine mammal strandings
Hubbs Sea-World: Hotline 321-821-3030
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: 888-404-3922

Oil and Hazardous Substances Spills State Warning Point

Right whale sightings
888-97-WHALE (888-979-4253) (December through March)

Sea turtles (problems with sea turtles seen on the beach)
North of the inlet: 
386-366-4443 or 767-5257
South of the inlet: 386-290-0737

Sea turtle lighting violations
Lighting compliance officer: 386-238-4773

Volusia County Marine Science Center

Volusia County Sheriff's Office dispatch
386-248-1777, ext. 0

Watering violations
386-736-5925 in West Volusia
386-248-8115, ext. 15925, in Daytona Beach
386-424-6815, ext. 15925, in New Smyrna Beach
Press one and leave violator's address and the time of offense.

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