Pollution Control

Biosolids, a mixture of solid matter and treated effluent wastewater, are one of two end products of the domestic wastewater treatment process. The other end product is strictly treated effluent, also called reuse water.

Domestic waste
This portion of the program is responsible for enforcing county ordinances and state rules governing the treatment and disposal of domestic wastewater. If not properly treated and stabilized, domestic wastewater can pose a serious health hazard, create a nuisance, and degrade the county's natural resources and the residents' quality of life.

Fertilizer Ordinance
The Volusia County Council has adopted a summertime fertilizer ban and initiated other restrictions to protect the county’s waterways.

Groundwater report
To view, share or download Volusia County's groundwater reports, please click here.

Hazardous waste
A hazardous waste is a waste (discarded or no longer being used for its intended purpose) that has one or more of the following characteristics: toxicity, reactivity, corrosivity and flammability.

Noise ordinance
To view the "Noise Ordinance," please click here.

Petroleum Restoration Program
The Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) function in Volusia County is being performed by Alachua County through a contract with the Florida Department on Environmental Protection. Here is the contact information for PRP inquiries in Volusia County:

Ted A. Goodman, P.G.
Petroleum Contracts Supervisor
Alachua County Environmental Protection Department
408 W. University Ave., Suite 106
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: (352) 264-6843
Email: tgoodman@alachualcounty.us

Petroleum Storage Tank Compliance 
The Petroleum Storage Tank Compliance function in Volusia County is being performed by Orange County through a contract with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Here is the contact information for Petroleum Storage Tank Compliance inquiries in Volusia County:

Orange County Environmental Protection Division
800 Mercy Drive, Suite 4
Orlando, FL 32808

For installaion and closures contact Seth Moorhead at (407) 836-1403 or Glen Becker at (407) 836-1453.
For all other inquiries contact Ruth Rauenzahn at (407) 836-1475 or Fax to (407) 836-1499 or Email ruth.rauenzahn@ocfl.net.

Solid waste
The purpose of this is to enforce county ordinances and state laws regulating the establishment and operation of solid waste management facilities. Site inspections assist the operator and prevent minor problems from developing into violations.

Water conservation
The Volusia-Floridan Aquifer is unlike any aquifer in Florida. Designation by the EPA as the Volusia-Floridan Sole Source Aquifer means our aquifer functions as an underground water source that supplies at least 50 percent of the drinking water consumed in the area overlying the aquifer. These areas have no alternative drinking water source(s) that could physically, legally and economically supply all those who depend upon the aquifer for drinking water. This is an important part of why we must conserve and protect this valuable water supply in Volusia County.

Waterway cleanups

To learn more about one of our waterway cleanups, please click here.

Wasterwise Landscape Irrigation Ordinance
The Department of Health enforces the ordinance. The health department - along with Volusia County Environmental Management Division, the Volusia County Chapter of the Florida Irrigation Society, the Volusia Homebuilders Association, and the Water Authority of Volusia - has had input regarding revision of the ordinance.

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