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Burn bans and burn permits

Volusia County does not have a burn ban in effect.

If you live within the limits of another city, please contact your local fire department to learn if there is a burn ban in your city.

When there is no burn ban in effect, outdoor burning is permitted in a non-combustible container or pile no larger than eight feet in diameter.

Please observe these required setbacks:

  • 50 feet from public roadways
  • 25 feet from brush and wildlands
  • 50 feet from your home
  • 150 feet from other occupied buildings

You may burn yard trash (but not garbage or household paper products) if:

  • No local ordinance prohibits such burning.
  • You meet the required setbacks listed above.
  • The fire is started after 9 a.m. and is out one hour before sunset.
  • The pile is less than eight feet in diameter.
  • The fire is attended at all times.
  • The fire does not cause a nuisance.

If your fire escapes, you are liable for costs of suppression and damage to the property of others.

Burn permits

To obtain a burn permit, call the Florida Forest Service at 386-585.6151

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