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Fire hydrant and ISO Insurance Rating Class information

Fire Hydrant Map LocatorThis application allows you to enter an address and locate the nearest fire hydrant or alternate water source as well as the closest fire station.

(Type address into top right field to view nearest hydrant locations). Click here to go to the map.

You can drop a pin by choosing “Add to Map Notes” so you have a point of reference or you can change your base map to an aerial view so you can see your property. Use the “Measure” tool to determine the street distance.

Hydrant map locator

In addition, Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) Public Protection Category data is available for those served by Volusia County Fire Rescue. Volusia County Fire Rescue currently has ISO Public Protection Classifications of 4/4Y and 10/10W, depending upon where you reside within the unincorporated area of the County, Oak Hill, Pierson, or Lake Helen. This is based on the following criteria:

To meet the requirements of ISO Public Protection Classification 4, the property must be within 5 road miles of the fire station and have a creditable water source within 1000 feet driving distance of the property.

If the property is within 5 road miles of the fire station but does not have a creditable water source within 1000 feet, it has a 4Y Protection Class rating.

A 10W Protection Class rating is assigned to properties greater than 5 miles but less than 7 road miles from the fire station and has a creditable water source within 1000 feet driving distance of the property.

A Protection Class rating of 10 is given to properties greater than 5 road miles from the fire station and that has no creditable water source within 1000 feet.

Click on the street to see what the ISO Protection Class Rating is (if it’s applicable in your area).  If you reside within a City, please contact the fire department having jurisdiction for their ISO Protection Class Rating information.

DISCLAIMER: The data employed within this application was developed through a variety of sources, including the county, our many municipal jurisdictions and the private sector utilizing data collected at various scales.  The map information displayed is not survey accurate.  Volusia County Government strives to maintain information pertaining to this application as up-to-date as possible however, independent verification of the data displayed is recommended to assure its accuracy.  Volusia County Government makes no warranty, explicit or implied, as to the accuracy or use of this data.

Did we miss a fire hydrant?

We try to keep the hydrant map as up to date as possible, but we need your help.  Email us your hydrant information including  the nearest address to the hydrant, names of the two closest streets that intersect closest to this address, and (if known) latitude/longitude. We will send someone to verify the location and get the hydrant added to the map.

Thank you.

Email your hydrant information.             

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