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The Green Volusia program is a long-term initiative designed to provide residents and visitors with information about green, or sustainable, practices.

Being sustainable or being green involves each of us reducing our impact on the environment.  From the trash we generate, the purchases we make, the energy and water we use, to the driving we do. All of these things have an impact on our environment.  Green Volusia aims to provide information about environmentally responsible practices that benefit the whole community as well as encouraging stewardship and conservation of our natural resources. To document our commitment to sustainable practices, Green Volusia recently submitted the county’s Green Local Government re-certification to the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Sustainability Action Plan

The Green Volusia program coordinates Volusia County’s Sustainability Action Plan, which was adopted February 20, 2014. The plan identifies seven specific sustainability goals, including providing a healthy economy, maintaining a healthy environment, promoting a healthy community, encouraging efficient transportation and community design, conserving water and promoting water efficiency, conserving energy and promoting renewable energy, and reducing waste and promoting recycling. View Sustainability Action Plan.

Let’s talk about “after the flush”

What happens to your waste after you flush can impact the quality of our ground and surface water.  In May, water quality researchers Mary Lusk, Ph.D., and Andrea Albertin, Ph.D., from the University of Florida explained the basics of septic system function and maintenance.
Most existing septic systems are not designed to reduce pollution and protect waterbodies, the aquifer, springs and rivers.  Drs. Lusk and Albertin discussed advanced septic system technologies designed for enhanced removal of pollutants including nitrogen. 
The presentation from this workshop given on May 29, 2018, at Lyonia Environmental Center is now available.  View After the Flush presentation
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Katrina Locke
Sustainability and Natural Resources Director