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Save our Springs and Rivers

View of a spring from both under the water and on top of the water


The Save our Springs and Rivers initiative directly addresses the issues named in the Volusia Blue Spring BMAP, as it focuses on the causes and effects of nitrogen in the springs.  Blue Spring has been verified by the state as impaired for nitrate; the amount of nitrate found in the spring water is too high to maintain water quality standards or a healthy ecosystem.  The Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) identifies the primary sources of nitrogen loading as septic tank discharge (~54%) and urban fertilizers (~22%).

In May 2018, the Save Our Springs and Rivers initiative launched education programs designed to increase public awareness that excess nitrogen in our landscapes leads to algae blooms and fish kills in our waterways spoiling recreation opportunities and wildlife habitats.  Volusia County residents learned about the impact polluted stormwater runoff can have on our waterbodies and explored actions they can take in their own homes to reduce their impact.  Residents attended three Low Impact Development/Green Building workshops, and participated in our first Save Our Springs and Rivers Academy.  Future workshops will discuss proper septic system maintenance and introduce new nitrogen proficient septic tank technology to protect our water resources.

The Save Our Springs and Rivers initiative, funded through the United States Environmental Protection Agency, specifically focuses on the reduction of septic tank nutrient discharge and fertilizer contamination into the groundwater affecting Volusia Blue Spring. View presentations by our local experts on how low impact development practices can remove pollutants, prevent flooding, and benefit wildlife.

Low-Impact Development Workshops

Green Volusia will announce its next Low-Impact Development Workshop shortly.

View Low Impact Development Workshops

Kayakers on the water learning about conservation lands


Want to become a Blue Spring Ambassador and help us spread the word about solutions to water pollution?

We invite you to attend our in-depth adult education course. Past topics have included conservation, septic maintenance, fertilizer reduction, advocacy skills, and hydrology using the findings in the Volusia Blue Spring Basin Management Action Plan as a living example. The Academy will include classroom and field trip experiences, guest speakers, and hands-on, feet-wet learning to provide the ultimate citizen engagement experience. Those participating in the four-week course will gain valuable knowledge and will pledge to educate others on behalf of Volusia Blue Spring.

Tuition for this course is grant funded and without cost to participants.

The dates of our next academy will be announced shortly, Please stay tuned.

Academy application

Fall 2019 Agenda


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