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Sea turtles

The Environmental Management Division is responsible for maintaining the programs designed for protected species in Volusia County. Sea Turtles are among the most popular of these animals; however, many other coastal dwelling animals are also protected by these plans. To see more protected species in Volusia County please visit the Wildlife section.

Resources and monitoring groups

Find links, alliances and groups that promote wildlife, research and habitat protection and which are related to the beach and sea environment.

Habitat conservation plan

All of the world’s sea turtles are designated as either endangered or threatened and are protected by state, federal and international laws. For years the county has actively protected coastal wildlife by implementing our Sea Turtle Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

Beach environment

The plants and animals living in this harsh environment have adapted to sandy soil, continuous salt spray, exposure to extreme weather events, and the constant ambush of ocean waves, which can all result in changes to the beach environment. Please visit this page to learn how you can help take  care of our coastal environment and keep it healthy!

Sea turtle biology

Sea turtles spend most of their life in the ocean. Female sea turtles will emerge from the water and crawl up onto sandy beaches to lay eggs in May through October each year. Males will never leave the water unless they wash onto the beach sick or injured. Visit this page to find out more about the life cycle of the different sea turtles species in Volusia County.

Beachfront lighting information

To help protect turtles from bright lights, Volusia County adopted a Lighting Ordinance and is actively working with oceanfront property owners to reduce artificial lighting problems along our beaches. Visit this page for more links to learn about the problem and get resources for how to come into compliance. 

Turtle journal

Visit our journal page to read and get up to date on all the hottest topics on nesting numbers, sea turtle hatchling amounts and program updates.

Beach and wildlife education materials

These educational materials provide residents and visitors with information on coastal wildlife and the County's Lighting Ordinance. Order FREE brochures, newsletters, posters, table top tents and more.

Turtle tips

Follow these tips to help nesting sea turtles, other animals, and people safely use the beach.

Volusia nesting summary

Click here to see the number and species of turtles nesting on Volusia's beaches each season and historically.

Washback watchers

Are you an avid beach walker who is interested in volunteering your time to look for more than just seashells along the beach? If you are, join the Washback Watcher program! This team of permitted volunteers is trained to find and rescue young sea turtles that wash ashore due to heavy winds and surf each August through November. 

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