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Disaster supply kit checklist

Your disaster supply kit should include a three- to seven-day supply of water, non-perishable food, medication, and other necessity items per person. To calculate the amount of water and food, consider:

  • Drinking water: Have at least one gallon per person per day for five to seven days (preferably for two weeks). To store, use clean, airtight containers, such as two-liter soda, but no milk, containers. If you use re-usable plastic bottles, change them each month.
  • Water for pets: Have at least a half-gallon per pet per day for five to seven days.
  • Food: Have at least enough for three meals per day per person for five to seven days. Food should be nonperishable packaged or canned and should include canned or shelf milk, cereal and snack foods. Foods should meet the dietary needs of infants, the elderly and those with special needs.
  • Medication/special needs: Have a five- to seven-day supply of special items such as food, formula, diapers and wipes for infants and those with special needs; toiletries and extra toilet paper. Have at least a two-week supply of medications.

Below are suggested food items. Selections should be based on family needs and preferences. When possible, choose low-salt, water-packed varieties. 


  • canned vegetables, fruit 
  • peanut butter, jelly 
  • bread 
  • sugar 
  • cereal
  • canned soups 
  • cookies, crackers, snacks 
  • infant food, formula 
  • canned meats 
  • drinks (bottle, can, powder)

Personal items:

  • medications, vitamins
  • extra hearing aid batteries 
  • toothpaste, brush 
  • extra baby bottles 
  • wet wipes
  • sanitary napkins 
  • assorted safety pins 
  • comb 
  • denture care 
  • toilet paper
  • hand sanitizer
  • matches in a waterproof container
  • soap, shampoo 
  • extra eyeglasses 
  • saline solution and contact lens case
  • razor, shaving cream 
  • cash (bills, change) 
  • sewing kit 
  • diapers
  • change of clothing
  • extra bedding such as pillows, blankets and sleeping bags
  • hand sanitizer
  • two cloth face masks per person

First aid supplies:

  • Aspirin/ acetaminophen 
  • 2 pairs of latex gloves 
  • mosquito repellent with DEET
  • Q-tips, cotton balls 
  • gauze/adhesive bandages
  • sun screen 
  • anti-diarrhea medicine 
  • thermometer 
  • rubbing alcohol, peroxide 
  • first aid tape
  • water purification tablets 
  • tweezers, scissors 
  • ointment for cuts/ insect bites
  • compresses
  • ipecac syrup and activated charcoal (for accidental poison) 

Other necessary items:

  • flashlights
  • extra batteries 
  • masking/duct tape 
  • portable AM/FM
  • radio/ batteries 
  • ABC fire extinguisher 
  • non-electric clock 
  • whistle
  • napkins or paper towels 
  • large plastic bags 
  • rubber boots 
  • Fix-a-Flat for tires 
  • ice chest 
  • chlorinated bleach 
  • manual can opener 
  • hammer, nails 
  • heavy work gloves 
  • dust masks
  • weather radio w/alarm 
  • plywood 
  • screwdriver, screws 
  • pillows, blankets 
  • aluminum foil 
  • portable folding cot 
  • bungee cords 
  • camera/video/film 
  • plastic sheeting 
  • disposable dishware/utensils 
  • mop, bucket, broom 
  • plastic wrap, foil 
  • sleeping bags 
  • all-purpose
  • cleaner/disinfectant 
  • wash cloths, towels 
  • utility knife 
  • pliers, vise grips 
  • plastic safety goggles
  • time occupiers (books, magazines, games, cards) 
  • waterproof portable plastic container w/lid for important papers

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