Automatic external defibrillators

Section 46-91, Volusia County Code of Ordinances encourages individuals and entities that acquire or otherwise possess an automatic external defibrillator (AED) to register the physical location of the AED with the Emergency Medical Administration division. By doing so, the device location can be included in computer records available to emergency medical dispatchers to prompt 9-1-1 callers to readily locate the device in the event it is needed.

To register, call or email the division with the following information:

  • Physical location of the AED (business name, street address, etc.)
  • Detailed location of the device (floor the device is located on, room number or location in hall way, etc.)

If the device is permanently moved from the original location or removed entirely from service, please contact the division in order to update our records.

The Emergency Medical Administration division is not able to provide AEDs or support for devices.


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