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Waste hauler information

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Secure your load for safer roads! It's the Law! Picture of pickup truck with a covered load.To process scale-house transactions in a quick and effective manner, all commercial vehicles must display the company name, gross vehicle weight, and capacity in cubic yards on any truck bed larger than a pick-up. This includes modified beds and trailers. Vehicles shall be marked on both sides and in letters 3 inches in height or taller. This will enable us to determine the cubic yard charge and process your transaction in a timelier manner.

You may receive a ticket or be refused service if your vehicle is not in compliance with these standards: Compliance tips

Do you need a transportation license?

According to the Volusia County Code of Ordinances, every person who transports commercial solid waste and/or used (waste) tires within the unincorporated areas of the county must posses a valid transportation license regardless of location and/or ownership of the solid waste disposal site.

Application for a Transportation License (rev 03/12/2021)
Please print this form, fill out and mail with payment to the address listed on the form.  Make a copy for each vehicle and one for your records prior to mailing.

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Waste tire information

Application for credit
Please print this form and mail it to:
County of Volusia - Accounts Receivable
ATTN:  Dawn Lewis
123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand, FL 32720

Non-exclusive commercial franchises

Do you haul waste tires?

Description: you need a Florida State Waste Tire Collector Decal. The Waste Tire Management Program for the State of Florida is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This program has several components: a regulatory program that addresses how waste tires can be moved, stored, processed, used or disposed of; an abatement or cleanup program that assists in cleaning up illegal tire piles; and a market development program that works with potential end users for waste tires. In addition, there is a waste tire grant program that distributes funding to counties to assist them in local waste tire management efforts.

Pursuant to Rule 62-711.400, Florida Administrative Code, no person may contract with a waste tire collector for the transportation, disposal, or processing of waste tires unless the collector is registered with the department or exempt from registration requirements. Any person contracting with a waste tire collector for the transportation of more than 25 waste tires per month from a single business location shall maintain records for that location and make them available for review by the department or by law enforcement officers. These records shall contain the date when the tires were transported, the quantity of tires, the registration number of the collector, and the name of the driver.

Waste Tire Collector Decals expire April 1 of each year.

Florida State hauler information

Florida State Waste Tire Decal application

Florida State Waste Tire main page

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