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The Volusia County Home Rule Charter is the foundation for Volusia County's Council/Manager form of government.  The charter abolished the office of tax collector and all functions and duties of that office prescribed by the Constitution and the laws of Florida were transferred to county government. The Revenue Division is responsible for the administration of tax collection in Volusia County, and the Revenue Director is responsible for carrying out the duties of Tax Collector as prescribed by law.

Tax collection activities include collection of real estate and personal property taxes, tourist and convention development taxes, local business taxes (BTR), and other taxes or special assessments on behalf of the county and various taxing authorities. Acting as an agent for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), we issue registrations and titles for automobiles, trucks, mobile homes and vessels, as well as issuing disabled parking permits.   Serving as an agent for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation we issue hunting and fishing licenses.  Additional services include cashiering other county revenues such as building permits, water bills, dog tags, hauling permits, water citations, beach parking tickets, and Votran passes.

Many of the services provided by the Revenue Division are available online and can be accessed through the navigation links. Property tax records and payments can be searched online, 24 hours a day.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service while ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability in the collection and distribution of public funds. We hope you will find answers to many of your questions on our website, but should you need additional information, we stand ready to assist you. 

Craig Baumgardner, CFC, CEL

Thomas C. Kelly
Administration Center
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