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Cultural Council of Volusia County

painting of four manatees underwater in crystal clear blue water

Barry Barnett's Home Again II, part of the Art in Public Places program, is on display at Daytona Beach International Airport.

With its art centers and museums, theaters, concerts, historical collections, libraries, and public art, Volusia County fosters active programs through the Cultural Council of Volusia County (CCVC).

The CCVC was created by the Volusia County Council in 1989. It is recognized as a Local Arts Agency for Volusia County, pursuant to F.S. §265.283, by the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. The nine advisory board members are appointed by the County Council for two-year terms. Each County Council member appoints a representative from his or her home district, while the at-large member and the county chair appoint two each – one from the east side and one from the west side of the county. Find out more information if you are interested in serving on the Cultural Council.

The Volusia County Council traditionally has appropriated more than $600,000 in operating grants for local cultural and heritage organizations. This funding has enabled the CCVC to provide support to more than 30 cultural and historical organizations that serve more than 1 million people. Find out more information about the Community Cultural Grant program.

Cultural Council members

  • Lloyd Bowers
  • Mike Fincher, 
  • Tariq Hamid
  • Tom Laputka
  • Andrei Ludu
  • Nancy Maddox,  Chair
  • George Pappas, Vice Chair

Staff members:

  • Robert Redd

Cultural Council Meetings

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