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Residential tree permit details

Residential tree permitting

Tree permits are not required for removal of trees on single family residential lots that are owner-occupied (have a valid homestead exemption with the Volusia County Property Appraiser).  Single family lots that are rented or mobile home parks are not exempt from permitting.

Tree permits are not required for tree removal on lots which are zoned A-1, A-2, A-3 (only if over 2.5 acres in size), A-4, RC, RA, MH3, MH4 (only if over 2.5 acres in size), or FR.  To determine your zoning designation click on the link to the zoning map.

Residential tree permit information

Clearing a lot for construction of a new single-family residence requires a tree removal permit.  On residential lots, trees over 6 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH) in the zoning setbacks are considered protected.

To find out what your setbacks are, please contact the zoning office at 386-943-7059.  Protected trees may be removed with proper permitting, but require replacement.

Tree replacement is based on the cross-sectional area of the trees removed. 

The Environmental Management Division (EMD) inspector will determine the replacement required based on the number and size of trees removed.  For most trees, replacement is 15 percent of the total cross-sectional area removed.  Replacement for sand pines is 7 percent of the total cross-sectional area removed.

With the exception of historic trees, trees on the buildable area of the property (that is the area not within the zoning setbacks) may be removed without replacement. 

To determine how many trees you may need to plant to meet your replacement requirements, use this table.

How to get a residential tree removal permit

1. First determine which type of tree permit is required.  If you are applying for a tree removal permit in conjunction with a residential building permit, submit a building permit application and fill out the tree clearing information section. Permit applications are available from the Volusia County Permit Center offices in DeLand and Daytona Beach.  Applications are also available online. If you wish to conduct limited tree clearing prior to submittal of a building permit please use the residential stand-alone tree permit application.  This information sheet will help you understand the submittal requirements.   Please note that lots which contain wetlands or historic trees are not eligible for a stand-alone tree permit.

2. For either type of permit, three copies of the survey and site plan are required to be attached to the application. The site plan must be at a scale no greater than one inch = 50 feet and must show any existing or proposed development on the property, a north direction arrow, and adjacent streets. A tree permit fee of $80 plus $20 per tree removed (up to a max of $668) is required.

3. Post the property locator placard received from the permit center within 24 hours. Stake the property corners, ensure that the boundaries are clearly visible from one corner to the next, and make sure the site is accessible to the inspector (no locked gates, loose dogs, etc.).

4. Within five days EMD staff will conduct a site visit to identify trees in the setback areas and any historic trees.  At this time EMD determine if the lot contains wetlands or protected wildlife species and will create a tree survey.

5. Install tree barricades around all trees to be saved, and call the automated permit line (386-736-5928) or EMD to schedule a tree barricade inspection.  Please click here  to see how to properly install tree protection.

6. EMD will inspect the tree barricades and will release the tree permit for issuance.  The tree permit will be issued by the permit center once all requirements are satisfied.  You will be provided a copy of the tree survey and permit conditions to post at the job site.  Please read and abide by all conditions.

7. If any complications arise during construction, please call EMD for guidance.

8. Once construction is complete, call the call the automated permit line (386-736-5928) or EMD to schedule a final inspection.  Please have any required replacement trees planted before scheduling the inspection.  If you need assistance to determine the required replacement please contact the Permitting Information Coordinator at 386-736-5927, ext. 12093, or email

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