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FAQs - Impact Fees

Q. What are impact fees?

Impact fees are charges that pay for the cost of new county roads and road system expansion necessitated by new development activity. Volusia County has four growth-related impact fees, including Transportation (road), Education (schools), Parks and Recreation, and Fire Rescue.

Q. Who pays impact fees?

Impact fees are assessed and due from anyone who builds a new residence, commercial building or changes the use of a building.

Q. When are impact fees due?

The payments of required impact fees are due before the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Business Tax Receipt (BTR). The fees applied are at the rate in effect at the time of payment. 

Q. Where can I pay my impact fees?

In-person cash, check, or credit card (applicable fees may apply) payments can be made at the Volusia County Treasury and Billing office, located in the Historic Courthouse, 125 W. New York Ave., Room 120, DeLand.

Payments can also be made online through Connect Live. To pay online, you must be a registered user of Connect Live and must be listed as the applicant on the permit.

For unincorporated Volusia County building permits, in-person credit card payments (applicable fees may apply) can also be made in the Permit Center, located at 123 W. Indiana Ave., Room 203, DeLand.

Q. Why do I have to pay impact fees for an existing business?

If there has been a change from declared use at time of impact fee payment to present, this may result in additional impact fees.

Q. How can I apply for an impact fee assessment?

Applications can be submitted in our DeLand office, via email to, or on  Connect Live. You must be a registered user of Connect Live.

Q. Can I make partial payments on impact fees I owe?

Partial payments are not accepted; however, you can make a payment for each use seperately in its entirety. For example, you can pay the road impact fees now, then school impact fees later versus paying them all at one time.

Updated 10/13/2021

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