Tomoka Landfill

The Tomoka Landfill, just west of Daytona Beach, is the county's only permitted landfill. It receives solid waste generated in Volusia County. This 3,400-acre landfill area has a life expectancy to 2052. About 200 acres of this land have been earmarked for recycling efforts.

West Volusia material is brought to the West Volusia Transfer Station in DeLand, then hauled to the Tomoka Landfill by tractor trailer for disposal.

The Solid Waste Division is one of county government's enterprise operations. This means there are no local property tax dollars allocated to operate solid waste. Instead, the users pay for the operation of the disposal activities through a fee structure. The rate for garbage disposal is $34 per ton. Yard waste is $23 per ton. These are among the lowest rates in Florida.

Signs clearly posted at facility entrances advise residents what materials are accepted. County personnel keep a close watch on all waste materials being deposited.

NO! Motor oil MAY NOT be dumped. Please use the non-commercial oil recycling igloo on site.

YES! Household waste such as food scraps and cloth may be disposed.

YES! The following materials are accepted, but are separated at the landfill: yard waste, land clearing debris, construction materials, appliances and all types of tires. Yard waste must be received separate from all other material.

The Tomoka Landfill has a Household Hazardous Waste facility on site. It offers residents the opportunity to dispose of gasoline, paints, thinners/solvents, pool chemicals and similar materials FREE!

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