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Submitting a proposal

Click here to access NEGOMETRIX

Submission of formal solicitation responses: Proposals must be submitted as indicated in the solicitation documents in the section titled SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS.  For solicitation specifications, forms, and submittal requirements, please refer to the solicitation document or contact the Volusia County Purchasing office.

Submittals: All responses must be SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY USING THE NEGOMETRIX E-PROCUREMENT PLATFORM by the advertised deadline date and time.  Any submittal to Negometrix after the deadline will not be considered.  See below link to guide for vendor submission of bids in Negometrix.

Negometrix Bid Submission Guide

Opening: All formal responses are opened and names of submitters are read publicly at the location, time, and date stated in the solicitation documents.  OPENINGS MAY ALSO BE ACCESSED VIA GOTOMEETING.

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