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County Council

About the County Council

Under Volusia County’s Council/Manager form of government, voters elect a County Council that consists of seven members who serve four-year terms. Five are elected by district; the county chair and the at-large representative are elected countywide.

The County Council makes broad policy decisions much like the board of directors of a major corporation. It also reviews and approves the annual budget and passes ordinances as necessary. The County Council appoints a county manager who is the county’s chief executive officer and oversees the county’s day-to-day operations.

County Chair Jeff Brower

Picture Of Jeff Brower County Council Chair

Meet The County Chair

The Volusia County Chair serves as the official and ceremonial representative of the government; issues proclamations on behalf of the government; presides as chair in County Council meetings and has an equal vote on all questions coming before it...

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County Council & County Manager

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