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Auditor Selection Committee

Agendas for Committee Meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. May 18, 2021, in the County Council Chambers on the second floor of the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center, 123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand.

Meeting Minutes

Accessing the RFP Document

To access the solicitation document and related exhibits, please visit the Negometrix website at .  Registration with Negometrix is free and is required prior to submitting a bid response electronically. To register your company, visit  All responses shall be submitted electronically. All solicitation information relating to the Request for Proposal will be available through Negometrix.

About the Committee

In April 2019, Senate Bill number 7014 was signed by the governor, and takes effect for all audit procurements commencing after July 1, 2019.  On January 7, 2021, County Council established the Auditor Selection Committee in accordance with Section 218.391, Florida Statutes, commonly referred to as the “Auditor Selection Law.”

Per the Statute, the Auditor Selection Committee is, at minimum, composed of the elected constitutional officers and at least one county councilmember. On January 7, 2021, County Council voted to have all councilmembers serve on this committee along with the five constitutional officers.  

The contract with the county’s current external auditor will terminate with the fiscal year 2020 audit, which will be completed in March 2021.  As such, the Auditor Selection Committee will meet to search and recommend a qualified audit firm so that the fiscal year 2021 audit may commence later this year.

The responsibilities of the Auditor Selection Committee is to: 1) establish factors for the evaluation of audit services, 2) publicly announce requests for proposals (RFP), 3) provide interested firms with the RFP, 4) evaluate proposals by qualified firms, and 5) rank and recommend to Council no fewer than three firms to be the most highly qualified to perform the audit services.  Per statute, Council will then select the firm and start the negotiation process.

The bylaws of the Committee were approved at the first meeting of the committee held on February 16, 2021. View the bylaws of the Auditor Selection Committee.

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