DeBary Public Library - Brian Owens

Music of the Spheres, 1998
Cold cast bronze relief

Brian Owens
Deltona, Fla.
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Ask Brian Owens how long it took him to complete a specific work of art and he will answer "about 35 years." He can't remember when his journey as an artist began. His earliest memory is of himself, drawing. Born to a musician and a visual artist, his interests centered around art and ideas. At age 16, he had his first two-man show of drawings at a fine art gallery in his hometown of Detroit. As he grew, his interests changed and in 1979 he received his BSEE degree. In the decade that followed, Owens moved to Florida, where he worked in the defense industry. His creative side slowly reasserted itself, followed by a gradual recognition of himself as someone who was born to sculpt and paint. "Being an artist," he said, "is not what I do, it’s what I am."

Owens began the 1990s as a full-time fine artist with the release of his first limited edition bronze sculptures. By the end of the decade, he had completed sculpture commissions for individuals and two municipal government buildings and won a public art commission from the Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta.

During the 2000s, he shifted focus from "speculative sculpture" to sculpture commissions while expanding his self-directed education. By 2010, Owens had come full circle as a well-educated classical artist with a hard-won comprehensive set of skills and a record of successful commissions.

"We understand life only through personal experience, but this can take decades. The problem is we just don't live long enough. Some commissions take a year or more to complete, so I'm careful about the types of projects that I take on now." 
– Brian Owens

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