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Lyonia Preserve

picture of scrub jay

360 acres / 3 trail / 4.4 miles
Entrance and parking:  2150 Eustace Ave., Deltona, Florida | Map
Hours: Sunrise to sunset
Amenities:  Hiking, pavilion, wildlife viewing, Great Florida Birding Trail

Lyonia Preserve is a joint project of Volusia County, the Volusia County School Board and the State of Florida to provide environmental education to the public and restore and maintain habitat for scrub-dependent species, including the threatened scrub jay and gopher tortoise. The preserve, named after the scrub plant rusty lyonia, consists of 360 acres of restored Florida scrub habitat.

This preserve and other Volusia County conservation lands are managed using a program of professionally accepted principles of resource and ecosystem management for the benefit of, and enjoyment by, present and future generations.

The preserve is adjacent to the Deltona Regional Library and Lyonia Environmental Center, 2150 Eustace Ave., Deltona. Click here for directions.

Scrub habitat

The scrub on Lyonia Preserve is an imperiled Florida ecosystem that is found on high sandy ridges and is dominated by short oaks and other low vegetation, numerous open areas of white sand, and very few tall trees. Many of the plants and animals living in the scrub habitat are fully dependent upon these characteristics for their survival and success. This is especially true of the most fascinating resident, the Florida scrub jay.

Florida scrub, where plants and animals have adapted industrious and clever means to survive and succeed in harsh conditions, is designated as an imperiled habitat. Scrub is the only place where the Florida scrub jay can be found. Scrub jays are Florida’s only endemic bird and are listed as a threatened species. Mechanical treatments such as roller chopping and mowing are used to keep the vegetation low and suitable for the scrub jay. Scrub jays need expanses of low shrubs and sandy areas with little to no tree coverage. Generally, suitable scrub is low enough to alllow a 6-foot tall person to see over most of the landscape plants.


​Three hiking trails (0.4 miles, 1.2 miles, and 2.4 miles) wind through the conservation land, starting behind the Deltona Regional Library and Lyonia Environmental Center. Along these trails, visitors may observe more than 164 species of plants and more than 124 species of animals. Experiencing Florida scrub is a lesson in the intricate web of an ecosystem.

There is no shade in Lyonia Preserve. Trail conditions are soft, deep sand. Wear closed-toe shoes and bring a bottle of water. 

Click here to see the trails map.

We hope you enjoy your visit in natural Florida!   

Seasonal updates in the preserve  Scrub jays in the preserve
Photo of nine-banded armadillo Photo of rusty lyonia
Animals of the scrub [PDF]  Plants of the scrub [PDF]


Visiting the preserve:
Location map and directions [PDF]
Map of Lyonia Preserve [PDF]
Lyonia Preserve trails map [PDF]
Preserve rules [PDF]

     Management plans:
     Draft Management Plan [PDF]
     Management Plan Phase II [PDF]


When you visit Lyonia Preserve, please allow enough time to visit Lyonia Environmental Center and the Deltona Regional Library. Staff is always willing to provide you with more information on environmental and natural resource topics.

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