Smart Growth Toolbox

General Resources

Smart Growth America Website

Additional Smart Growth Websites

Smart Growth Bibliography – UCF Team Working Paper

Volusia Smart Growth Audit – UCF Team Working Paper

Descriptions Or Discussions Of Smart Growth Tools And Concepts

Accessory Dwelling Units – UCF Team Working Paper

Affordable Housing Community Land Trusts – UCF Team Working Paper

Affordable Housing Inclusionary Zoning Techniques – UCF Team Working Paper

Affordable Housing Linkage Fees – UCF Team Working Paper

Affordable Housing Community Land Trust Option Information – Fannie May

Affordable Housing Implementation Guidelines – UCF Team Working Paper

Agriculture –Supplemental Allowable Activities and Land Uses for Agriculturally Zoned Areas

Congress for the New Urbanism: website

Density – UCF Team Working Paper

Density -- Higher Density Plans: Tools for Community Engagement

Form Based Development Codes

Rural cluster concept paper – Smart Growth Implementation Committee

Rural Areas – UCF Team Working Paper

Rural Lands Stewardship Program

Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Schools and Smart Growth – UCF Team Working Paper

Schools -- Developer Funding of Capacity Enhancement – UCF Team Working Paper

School Facilities Siting Best Practices Guide – Draft

Transfer of Development Rights

Vesting Easements

Water Efficiency in Smart Growth

Model Tools

Affordable Housing Accessory Dwelling Units – Cary North Carolina Ordinances

Affordable Housing Accessory Dwelling Units  Zoning Ordinance, -- City of Santa Cruz, CA

Affordable Housing Linkage Program Model -- Winter Park Florida

Affordable Housing Community Land Trust -- DNI (Dudley Neighbors Incorporated) Lease Agreement Document

Affordable Housing Community Land Trust -- MKLT (Middle Keys Community Land Trust) Eligibility Guidelines

Affordable Housing Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance -- Madison WI 01-26-04

Affordable Housing Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Model

Affordable Housing Moderately Priced Dwelling unit Program -- Montgomery MD

Cluster Development Example -- UCF Team Working Paper

Cluster Subdivision Ordinance

Cluster Zoning Ordinance

Checklist for Smart Growth Development

Mixed Use Overlay District -- Ft. Myers Beach

Scorecard for Smart Growth Development

School Capacity Enhancement Agreement (CEA) -- example in Orange County Commission Agenda

School Facilities Element -- Orange County Comprehensive Plan

Specific area plan -- Horizons West: Adequate Public Facilities and Transfer of Development

Water Conservation -- Volusia Water Wise Ordinance

Village Development Ordinance -- Horizons West

Case Studies

Crocker Center Ft. Lauderdale

Affordable Housing Murphy Park St. Louis

Mixed Use Fruitvale Village I Oakland CA

Mizner Park

Stapleton Denver

Birkdale Village Huntsville NC

Kinsey Flats Cincinnati

The Walk at University Walk at Coral Springs

North Lake Park Community School Case Study

Horizons West Case Study

Smart Growth Photo Gallery

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