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Information for Beekeepers

Two beekeepers in bee suits review a frame pulled from an active hive set outside near a body of water.

How to Register Your Beehive Locations with FDACS

Each beekeeper having honey bee colonies in Florida is required by law to register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

FDACS registers and inspects honey bee colonies to certify them as:

  • Free or substantially free from honey bee pests of regulatory significance and

  • Free from unwanted types of honey bees.

View more information regarding how to register your hives with FDACS

Worker honey bees are displayed on honey comb attached to a frame of a beehive.

How to Report Your Beehive Locations to Mosquito Control

Volusia County Mosquito Control keeps a record of beehive locations for reference when planning spray operations. Adulticide spraying is conducted after sunset and before sunrise when bees are in their hives to reduce risk of exposure. To report your beehive location, send your specific hive location and contact information to Please also indicate if you would like to be added to our courtesy notification list to receive a call prior to spray operations.

Why Are Honeybees Important?

UF/IFAS Bee Expert Dr. Jamie Ellis describes why honey bees are important in this video:

Additional Resources:

UF IFAS Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Apiary Inspection FDACS

Apiary Inspector Directory District 10 - Citrus, Lake, Marion, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia Counties

UF IFAS EDIS Keeping Bees in Florida

UF IFAS EDIS Mosquito Control and Beekeepers

Info Sheets from UF IFAS PIE:

Impact of Mosquito Control on Honey Bees (English)

Impact of Mosquito Control on Honey Bees (Spanish)

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