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Mosquito Fish

 Mosquito fish (Gambusia) displayed swimming in a dipper cup of water over a flooded woodland areaAs part of our Integrated Pest Management Program, Volusia County Mosquito Control utilizes Gambusia holbrooki (mosquito fish) as a biological control of mosquito larvae.

Fish are distributed by field inspectors in mosquito habitats where the water cannot be drained such as flooded woodlands, abandoned or neglected swimming pools, ornamental ponds, and large bird baths.

These fish reduce mosquito populations by feeding on mosquito larvae found in the water. These native fish are commonly found in permanent water bodies such as ponds and lakes.

Mosquito fish are available to the public at no cost. To determine if you have an appropriate location for mosquito fish, please give us a call or submit a request online. 

Mosquito Control truck driving through wooded area with mosquito fish transport tank strapped on the truck's flatbed for distributing fish


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