Current Planning is responsible for administering the Volusia County zoning code and related land use regulations.  Staff assists the public with questions related to the zoning code such as zoning classifications, permitted land uses, and development standards.  Current Planning is responsible for the review and process of rezoning, special exception, and variance applications, as staff liaisions to the Planning and Land Development Regulation Commission (PLDRC) and the Volusia County Council.  

Staff administers the zoning code regulations through the review of building permits, site plans, subdivisions, and business tax receipts.

Staff is available daily to assist with questions regarding zoning classifications, building setbacks, signage, off-street parking, or flood zone information.  Please call extension #12719 or e-mail your question(s) to Planner of the Day.

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‚ÄčConditional Use Permit for Backyard Chickens

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Scott Ashley, AICP
Senior Zoning Manager

Jessica Flowers
Staff Assistant II

If you have questions concerning zoning classifications, building setbacks, signage, or off-street parking, please call extension 12719.