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Land Development Applications

Subdivision Plan Review
ODP/FPL Application & Non-Concurrency Affidavit
PPL Application & Concurrency Certificate or Inquiry
ODP/PPL/FPL Checklists and Procedures

Commercial Plan Review
CPN Application & Non-Concurrency Affidavit
FSP Application & Concurrency Certificate or Inquiry
CPN/FSP Checklists and Procedures

Miscellaneous Application Review
Combination of Lots/Adjustment of Lots Application
Use Permit Checklists and Procedures
Use Permit Application
Architectural Paver Details and Hold Harmless & Use Permit Application
Flood Hazard Management Checklists and Procedures
Flood Hazard Management Variance Application
Stormwater Management Permit Checklists and Procedures
Stormwater Management Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Checklists and Procedures
Tree Removal Permit Application
Wetland Alteration Permit Checklists and Procedures
Wetland Alteration Permit Application
Potable Water Well Field Protection Permit Checklists and Procedures
Potable Water Well Field Protection Permit Application
New - 2019 Land Development Submission and Meeting Schedule - Adopted January 2, 2019

Planning and Zoning Applications

Process Guidelines and Public Notice Requirements
Pre-Application Meeting Form
Planning and Zoning Application Form (printable)
Planning and Zoning Application Form (fillable)
Planned Unit Development Rezoning Resolution Template
Rehearing and Appeal Application (printable)
Rehearing and Appeal Application (fillable)
Zoning Verification Letter Application
Nonconforming Lot Letter Form Guide
School Planning and Concurrency Application and Fee Schedule
2019 Planning and Land Development Regulation Commission (PLDRC) Public Hearing Schedule 

Conditional Use Permit for Backyard Chickens

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