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Special events

people flying kites on the beach at the kite festival~~ DUE TO COVID-19 WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING OR ISSUING PERMITS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ~~

Volusia County welcomes a variety of special events on the beach that enrich the community for visitors and residents. Hundreds of applications are received each year to hold events on the 47 miles of Volusia County beaches. These events include weddings, fundraisers, private parties, surf contests, etc., and many require a permit. If you would like to apply for a permit, read the information below, complete the appropriate forms, and email them to Lynea Lewis at

Special event permit [PDF]

A special event permit is required for any activity or event that is organized to include or attract more than 50 people to a certain area of the beach on a certain day or time. Fees apply, and special event insurance must be purchased.

A site map must be completed in conjunction with the special event permit.

Special event guidelines [PDF]

The guidelines explain miscellaneous rules and the peak and non-peak fee structure.

Beach activity notification [PDF]

The Beach Safety Division must be notified of any activity or event that includes 50 people or fewer and does not require major setup.  Fees and insurance are not required. 

Film permit [PDF]

film permit must be completed and submitted at least two weeks in advance for commercial filming on the beach. Special event insurance must be purchased. (A permit for filming is not required for news productions, still photography and public service productions.) Click here to view Volusia County's Film and Motion Photography Policy.

Beach maps

View maps of beach driving and parking

If you have further questions, please contact:

Lynea Lewis,  386-239-6414, ext. 20321

Director Ray Manchester, 386-239-6414, ext. 20330

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