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Volusia Forever Advisory Committee

Volusia Forever Logo


Mary Anne Connors
Steve Crump
Gerald Fieser
John Gamble
Jessica Gow

Derek LaMontagne
Derrick Orberg
Suzanne Scheiber
Wanda Van Dam

County Staff

Brad Burbaugh, Resource Stewardship Director
Susie Lawrence, Resource Stewardship Administrative Coordinator

Emails can be sent to to contact the committee or staff regarding this committee.

Volusia Forever Committee Meeting Agenda Packages

Volusia Forever Committee Meeting Minutes

Listening Sessions 

The Volusia Forever Advisory Committee held five listening sessions throughout the County to gather comments and suggestions from the public. To view the presentaiton on the history of the Volusia Forever program staff showed at the listening sessions click the following link Volusia Forever Presentation. To listening to the previous listening session recordings please see the links below.

Why is a Volusia Forever Advisory Committee needed?

Resolution 2020-80 sets policies, procedures and acquisition goals for the Volusia Forever program and requires the creation of an advisory oversight committee to conduct an ongoing review of all projects under consideration and make recommendations to the County Council, and a continued need for a citizens advisory committee to provide recommendations and advice to the Volusia County Council regarding implementation of the Volusia Forever program.

Purpose of the Committee

  • Oversee the review of proposed acquisitions and make recommendations to the county council
  • Review applications to ensure requests meet the objectives, criteria, procedures and guidelines of the program
  • Periodically review program procedures, guidelines established by the council
  • Oversee the review of proposed acquisitions and improvements for consistency with intent and goals
  • Assess program priorities and recommend ranking of properties
  • Make recommendations regarding participation in federal, state and district grant programs
  • Review and/or assess the land acquisition, water resource protection, and outdoor recreation needs of the county and make recommendations on how Volusia Forever can address them
  • Recommend further evaluations of properties through resource assessments

History of Volusia Forever

  • Originally approved by voters in 2000
  • Funded by taxes collected from annual levy of additional ad valorem tax not exceeding 1/5 mill for 20 years and proceeds of Limited Tax General Obligation Bonds
  • County objective was to match funds awarded under Florida Forever or similar federal programs
  • Projects are limited to restoration, conservation or preservation of environmentally sensitive lands and water areas and for providing public use opportunities
  • Through Volusia Forever, more than 38,000 acres have been acquired through purchase and conservation easements
  • Volusia Forever has won several national awards and has been used as a model for other government acquisition programs
  • A portion of Volusia Forever Funds are set aside for management of the purchased properties

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