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List of boards

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

This eight-member committee is responsible for reviewing the established policies and procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and the comprehensive code of Volusia County and making recommendations to the Volusia County Council for specific actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing.

Agri-Business Inter-Relationship Committee

This committee represents the agricultural community in an advisory role on the use of the county Agricultural Center and is a voice in the expanding role of Volusia County. The main function of this committee is to identify and recognize the role of agriculture and its related industries in the economy of Volusia County by monitoring the overall needs of the area and protecting the future of agriculture in the county planning process. Nine members, staggered terms of office.

Animal Control Board

The Animal Control Board is appointed by the Volusia County Council to make recommendations pertaining to the county's animal control ordinance, legislation and regulations on animal control. The board recommends, regulates and sets standards of procedure for the collection, care, custody or disposal of animals at-large. The board also hears and determines appeals on licensing problems. Seven members.

Beachside Redevelopment Committee

The Volusia County Council created the Beachside Redevelopment Committee in June 2017. The committee was directed to review redevelopment efforts by local governments and make recommendations to the Volusia County Council to facilitate and expedite beachside redevelopment in the greater Daytona Beach area.

Business Incubator Advisory Board

The Board reviews the operations and funding of the University of Central Florida Daytona Business Incubator, assists and helps create a working synergy between the Incubator and existing local businesses and provides general support to the Incubator staff. The Board has eight members: four appointed by the County Council, two by the Volusia County Director of Aviation and Economic Resources and two by the University of Central Florida.

Children and Families Advisory Board

This board is responsible for assessing and evaluating children and community needs, developing strategies to meet these needs, establishing program outcomes, monitoring program compliance, advertising funding availability, receiving applications, and making funding recommendations to the County Council. Nine members.

Code Enforcement Board

This is a board created by the Volusia County Council to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method of enforcing the technical codes and ordinances in force in Volusia County, including but not limited to, occupational license, fire, building, zoning and sign codes. Eight members, Volusia County residents, who reside or do business in the unincorporated areas of Volusia County.

Contractor Licensing and Construction Appeals Board

This board meets monthly to hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the building official and the contractor licensing manager and consider variances of technical codes. Thirteen members serve terms of one to three years.

Cultural Council of Volusia County

This nine-member board evaluates the needs and performance of cultural service agencies using established guidelines to determine where the county will derive the greatest benefit for its tax dollars. It also makes recommendations to the Volusia County Council concerning the use of the Art in Public Places funds. The board meets bi-monthly on the third Friday or when summoned by the County Council to make recommendations on cultural issues in Volusia County.

Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities Commission

This commission was established subsequent to the provision of Florida statute 313.43. The commission is authorized and empowered to acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, extend, enlarge, equip, repair, maintain and operate racing and recreational facilities within the district; prescribing the powers and duties of said commission; providing for paying the cost of such facilities by the issuance of special obligation bonds of said district payable solely from revenues of such facilities or by general obligation bonds of said district in an aggregate amount not exceeding $3 million payable from the revenues of such facilities and, to the extent necessary, ad valorem taxes; providing for the imposition and collection of rates, rentals, fees and charges for the use of such facilities and for the application thereof; granting to said commission the power to acquire necessary real and personal property, and to exercise the power of eminent domain; authorizing the issuance of refunding bonds; prescribing the powers and duties of the Board of County Commissioners of Volusia County in relation to the foregoing. Five members.

Educational Facilities Authority

This authority was created by Florida Statute 243.18 to assist higher education institutions in construction, financing and refinancing projects. The Authority consists of five members who must be Volusia County residents. At least one member must be a trustee, director, officer or employee of an institution of higher education in Volusia County.

Halifax Area Advertising Authority

The authority promotes and advertises the Daytona Beach and Halifax resort area nationally/internationally for the purpose of increasing tourism and conventions. The authority uses proceeds from the resort tax collected in Volusia County. Eleven members, county-appointed authority.

Health Planning Council Of Northeast Florida, Inc.

The Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida is a private, nonprofit corporation created under Chapter 408.033 of the Florida Statutes, and its mission is to provide coordinated health planning services designed to enhance the provision of accessible, affordable, and high quality health care services to all persons residing in Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns, and Volusia counties.

Historic Preservation Board

This Board issues certificates of designation for eligible historic resources (structures, archaeological sites and historic districts), and certificates of appropriateness for demolition, alteration, relocation and new construction. This board advises the County Council on all matters related to historic preservation policy, including use, management and maintenance of county-owned historic resources. Nine members.

Housing Finance Authority

This board works to provide affordable housing in Volusia County of affordable housing and the capital for investment in such housing including transacting business and exercising powers pursuant to Chapter 78-89, Law of Florida. Five members and one attorney appointed.

Human Services Advisory Board

As recipient of Community Service Block Grant funds, the county is mandated by the State to maintain an Advisory Board to assist with developing CSBG program goals and objectives, identifying community needs and evaluating program effectiveness.

The Advisory Board's membership cannot number less than 12 or exceed 21 representatives. The board is constituted to assure one third of the members are elected public officials, or their representatives; one third of the members are chosen in accordance with democratic selection procedures adequate to assure that they are representatives of the poor in the area served; and the remainder of the representatives are officials or members of business, labor, industry, religious, welfare, education or other groups and interests in the community.

Board members representing the poor and private sectors are elected for a three-year term and public officials may serve for an unlimited term. Twelve to 21 members.

Industrial Development Authority

The authority reviews and processes commercial/industrial projects submitted for tax-free revenue bond financing permitted under state and federal laws and makes recommendations on these matters to the County Council. Five-member Authority appointed by the County Council.

Library Advisory Board

The Volusia County Library Board makes recommendations to the Volusia County Council, the County Manager, and the County Librarian on matters relating to the development and improvement of Volusia County's public libraries, services and programs. Seven members appointed by the County Council.

Personnel Board

The primary functions of the Personnel Board are to serve in an advisory capacity in the administration of the County's personnel merit system and to act as an independent forum in the hearing of adverse action, technical and discrimination appeals. Five members and one alternate.

Planning and Land Development Regulation Commission

The Commission hears applications and makes recommendations to the County Council on amendments or special exceptions to the County's Uniform Zoning Ordinance and makes recommendations to the County Council on planning matters. Seven members.

Public Safety Coordinating Council

The council shall meet for the purpose of assessing the population status of all detention and correctional facilities owned or contracted by the county or the county consortium and formulating recommendations. The council may also develop a local public safety plan for future construction needs. The council is composed of members who represent designated agencies. 

Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority

The Southeast Volusia Convention Development Tax Authority administers and disburses the proceeds of the resort tax collected in Southeast Volusia County. Seven members appointed by the County Council from persons doing business within the Southeast Volusia Convention Development Tax District.

Spring Hill Community Redevelopment Agency

This agency of residents and city and county officials was created to promote and encourage rehabilitation, conservation and redevelopment in the Spring Hill Community Redevelopment Area. Seven members serve four-year terms. Members shall include one Volusia County citizen, one City of DeLand citizen, and ex-officio members from Volusia County and the City of DeLand. The following persons shall not be appointed to serve on the board: elected officials; appointed state, county or municipal office holders; members of two or more other county boards or commissions; and employees of the county government.

Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board

The Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board was appointed to make recommendations to the County Council on drug-related issues including the pursuit of funds to help combat local drug problems. County Council appointed agencies. Twenty members.

Tourist Development Council

This advisory council makes recommendations to the County Council for the effective operation of the special projects or of the uses of the tourist development tax revenue. Members include the County Chair, elected officials from municipalities and persons involved in the tourism industry. Nine members.

Value Adjustment Board

This Board considers and renders a decision on appeal petitions relating to property value assessments, classifications and exemptions. It is comprised of five members: two Volusia County Council members, one School Board member, and two citizens. One citizen member is appointed by the County Council and one citizen member is appointed by the School Board.

Volunteer Firefighters Retirement Advisory Board

Monitors the operation and administration of the Fire Services pension system and the management of the accrual of benefits levels. Its members include the Fire Services Administrator or Public Protection Department Director, the Financial and Administrative Department Director, the Personnel Director and two volunteer representatives of Fire Services who are recommended by the Fire Services Director and appointed by the County Council. 

Volusia County Medical Advisory Board

This Board advises the County Medical Director and the EMS division on issues pertaining to the EMS system, including but not limited to, EMS system pre-hospital patient care protocols, research initiatives, hospital emergency department interface issues, and/or new technologies and clinical procedures. Chaired by the County Medical Director, the Board includes physician representatives from  all hospital emergency departments in Volusia County, the Volusia County Medical Examiner's Office, the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County and the Volusia County Medical Society. Eight members.

Volusia ECHO Advisory Committee

This Committee was created to review and make recommendations on applications which fund projects that enhance the qualify of life in Volusia County by ensuring the availability of environmental, cultural, historical and outdoor recreational opportunities. The Committee will review and/or assess the ECHO needs of the Volusia County community and make recommendations on how the Volusia ECHO Program can best address them. Nine members.

Volusia Growth Management Commission

The Growth Management Commission was formed to investigate and evaluate the concept of growth management within Volusia County. Twenty-one members, five appointed by the County Council. Members serve three-year terms.

West Volusia Tourism Advertising Authority

The West Volusia Convention Development Tax Authority administers and disburses the proceeds of the resort tax collected in West Volusia.

Seven members appointed by the County Council from persons doing business within the West Volusia Convention Development Tax District.

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